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How to Stay in the Zone Diet?

For those who want to start a diet and at the same time prevent illnesses like diabetes, cardiovascular sickness, and other chronic ailments, Zone Diet plan is for you. Although many have criticized it for being very difficult to the point of using measuring cups or scales, it actually is quiet easy. Imagine this, you still get to eat at fast food chains or any restaurant and still maintain your diet, or as the followers of this plan say staying “in the zone”.

All you truly require is your hand, an excellent imagination and an eye in order to coordinate long-lasting weight-loss, hormone balance, your overall wellness as well as protection against cardiovascular disease, and also diabetes. Now, put your good imagination into practice and picture an empty plate.

The plate should be divided into three parts. The first part should contain low-fat protein (i.e., chicken, lean beef or shrimp that can perfectly fit into your hand) while the remaining part should compose your fruits and vegetables. Add to this combination a dash of mono-unsaturated fat.

Is that so hard at all? That is what they call the 40-30-30 optimum ratio of carbohydrates, protein and fat which is also the daily composition of your meal should contain in order to stay “in the zone”. Here are the basic rules to follow for this particular diet plan:

  • Always eat within one hour after waking.
  • There should be a minimum of 3 meals and 2 snacks a day in one daily menu. Surprisingly, afternoon and late evening snacks are vital for the continuous stay “in the zone”.
  • You must eat within 4-5 hours after each meal and within 2-2.5 hours after taking a snack. This is because the duration that an individual can be “in the zone” is only within 4-5 hours. You must eat even if you are not hungry; in fact, these are the best times to eat since this is when your insulin levels are stabilized.
  • Keep it a habit to assess your hunger and mental focus before you eat. This is because lack of hunger and mental focus are the best indicators of being “in the zone”.
  • Couple the diet with regular exercise.
  • Always drink water—a minimum of 8 glasses a day.


Lose the Weight with the Zone Diet

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